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Merry Christmas!

Hello all! This is Gemstone, writing from Ali's account. Don't ask. There is only one person I know regularly reads my blog, but Merry Christmas!!
I know it's Evy's corner not Gemstone's, but technically it is mine. (Insert evil grin here [if dragons can grin evilly]) By far my favorite Christmas gift was my actual bow and arrows, one of which is already lost. I shot it into a clump of grass and now I can't find it. (Insert sad face here) I also got one of those pattern coloring books and another sketch pad (#4), modeling clay, candy, a plush panda, and a roll of duck tape with owls on it.  On a less happy note, I am discontinuing Blog Days. We are always too busy to write on Wednesdays, or most any other day. I find it hard to believe that this is only my fourteenth post!! Well, Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the rest of your holidays! Gemstone Evy Merideth and the rest of the blog team.

The Tiny Kitten Exchange

Hello, it's Evy. Today I plan to tell you about the Tiny Kitten Exchange.
The T.K.E. (Tiny Kitten Exchange) is something I started a few months
ago at my homeschool group. (Yes I am homeschooled and attend a
homeschool group. That tells you basically nothing about my personal life.)
It's really simple, actually. All you have to do is draw a tiny kitten
on a square inch of notebook paper, fold it in half, put a name on it,
and give it to someone. I gave one to all the girls in my class and the
substitute teacher.
Here are some pictures telling you how to draw them. It takes literally
no art skills at all, except maybe for eyes and accessories. Anyway, I
show you how to draw it in great detail.

First, you need notebook paper. Turn it so the lines go towards you.
Now, find four lines where you will draw your kitten. Draw a curve
across two of them.
Repeat below the first curve. It will kind of look like a lemon. This is
your kitten's head.
For the ea…