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Happy birthday to me, LIFE UPDATES and commenting

Hi people, it's Evy as usual, and today I have a post that I have been trying to get done for the past two(?) weeks.
On the second I was officially a year older (I would rather not share my age), so yeah.
I have also meant to get pictures of my Webkinz and AG dolls in their Halloween costumes, but we didn't get all the pics taken and so I never got around to it. Maybe at some point I will.
Before I forget, LIFE UPDATE: I have very limited internet use every day, so I may not be posting as much. That is all for my LIFE UPDATE.
So, I really, really like comments on these posts, it gives me the satisfaction that someone has actually taken note of what I'm saying. If you have something to say, or if the post made you smile or something, or you want to say "I like your blog" or even "I don't like your blog", please please please comment! I do understand that you have to use Google accounts to comment, and if your account is under your real nam…