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Blog Days [Week Three]

Hey guys, it's Meredith. I know I haven't done Blog Days for almost a month now. I've been super busy with school and life and stuff. So to make up for it, here's three weeks(?) worth of Blog Days for you!

Soon to be:
So these weeks Evy has posted a new story. (Featuring her) It's called The Final Princess, go check it out. She is currently finishing Chapter Two so that should be up soon as well.

Gemstone's history and why she dislikes the name Gemma in Half The Sparkle. Story is currently in progress in Evy's head so maybe in the next couple of weeks it should be up.

A Shadowed Warrior finally got off the ground, so hooray for that. It's nowhere near being ready to post though, so sorry about that. 

Evy is thinking about Caught Outside (my story) and should be posting that in the next week or so.

Also! My Little Pony: Fanfiction is Magic soon to come! My profile on FIMFiction: AwesomeRaisins

Already Been: 
A Dragon's Lullaby (From Garland to Gemstone…

The Final Princess [Update 1, chapter 1]

This story does follow The Element Guardians.  Neither are finished, and currently they can stand as independent stories.

I slid from my bed, pulling the comforter around me. I glanced around at my prison of a nursery, in case there were any guards watching. Daddy sometimes did that. No guards. Only my five year old brother, Maein, asleep in his own bed, and our empty shelf. Arabia told me it had once held torture devices. It was true, our room was a converted prison cell. The floor and walls were bare stone, and I shivered. I hated the damp, cold air of underground. I slipped softly from the room, careful not to let the heavy iron door bang shut. I was only just strong enough to open it. I passed four actual prison cells before reaching the stairs. My bare feet were freezing by this point. I almost turned back to our room, but then remembered my sister Arabia's room. I kept going, up the half mile of staircase. I was remarkably fast, especially for a seven-year-old. It was al…

Foot Problems and Random Questions

So, as some of you know, depending on who you are and where you know me from, I fell down on Friday.
Okay, full story. I was running in socks on the carpet at a skating rink. I slipped and fell down and banged my toe on the floor. I took my sock off and my toe was bleeding. It didn't really hurt.
On Saturday it hurt to walk on. Mom was a bit worried and so was I. I am a Pointe dancer with practice on Monday nights. I was afraid I might have to join one of my dance friends in the "I Broke My Toe" club, so Mom took me to urgent care and got my toe ex-rayed. I didn't get the ex-ray results until today.
Thank goodness my toe is not broken, but it still hurts to Releve and Mrs. Meredith said not to try Pointe for a while. That makes me sad, but okay. At least Mrs. Summer won't kill me for breaking my toe. Or maybe she wouldn't kill me, just my toe.
But that's the foot problems. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to kill my feet or if they're going to kill…

A Dragon's Lullaby

The sky is my wings when I have none
That to whom I owe my flight
Forever beneath the silver moon
In the shadow of the night

The light is my fire when I cannot find
Burning into the dark and cold
Shining brighter than the starlight
When I let my wings unfold

The night is my heart that I cannot hold
The place to hide in shadow
Sleep now, under dragon's guard
And I won't let them find you

This song is my wish when together we fall
The sky lifts your wings ever higher
Fly, Gemstone, dragon of mine
The night is yours to wander

This song is my love when you sleep by my side
Long after the day has retired
Fly, Gemstone, far into dreams
The night is your heart but the light is your fire

Gemstone Dragon
Thank you for reading

And Finally!

So finally! I am so excited right now! I am writing this while sitting in my best friends' living room at eleven thirty PM. Take one completely wild guess at what that means?
If you guessed that I'm sleeping over, you are correct! Hooray, you get a gold star! And I'm extra excited because this is the sleepover we've been asking about for FOUR YEARS!
Earlier this evening we played Truth or Dare. EVERYTHING STUPID SILVER SAYS BACKFIRES ON ME! Because Saladbar notices and then pulls me into it. Ughhh.
Striker's downloading something. And he has a blue forehead. So yay! You get commentary on what's happening.
I dyed my hair. It looks awesome. It has black tips and half my bangs are pink. It looks awesome. Everybody but Saladbar and Silver dyed their hair. It wouldn't work on Silver's hair and Saladbar didn't want to.
"I can't dye my hair. I decided to cry like an anime person." -Silver (Blue hair dye down his cheeks) Allie: Blue tipped cu…

Blog Days [Week 2]

Happy Tuesday all! Gemstone, your resident dragon, writing.
First off, I would like to thank you for getting me in trouble. But I mean really, Meredith had to call me Gemma. She was asking for it.
But also, welcome to the time loop. You see, it's always Tuesday. The date changes, but the day of the week doesn't. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm behind it.) It's somewhat difficult to comprehend. Stupid human brains. They have no clue about time and dragons and how dragons control time and other things like that.
I guess I should really introduce myself better. I'm Gemstone, Evy's "pet" dragon. I also run things, organize them, and edit this blog. I came up with the idea, yet never get to post anything. Oh well. To the purpose of this post:
This week Evy's been lazy, er, busy, and didn't post anything whatsoever. Hoping next week will be better. However, Evy gets to ramble about her life later today, so hooray for inside jokes and stupidness!