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Blog Days [Week 1]

Hey guys! Meredith here, bringing you a post. Gemstone is sassing me in the background because I couldn't figure out which buttons to press.
"I am a mythological creature! You are a teenage girl from the computer age, and I can work Evy's laptop better than you!" Thanks Gemma. You rock.
 And now my hair is on fire. Somebody doesn't like being called Gemma. I'm used to it though. I'm seriously thinking about shaving my head, that way I don't have to cut my hair two inches shorter every week. Or maybe I'll just borrow one of Evy's enchanted hairnets.
I'm laughing now because Gem is in her cage. Thanks Mint. You rock too. Smell of burning fur. Gem is going to get it so bad when Evy finds out Gem burned her cat.
But anyway, this post wasn't supposed to be about Gemstone's bad behavior. So to the point:
This week (I don't care that it was two, Gemstone) Evy basically just worked on setting stuff up.

1.5 chapters of The Element Guar…

The Element Guardians [Update 2, Chapter 1]

Chapter one: Fara I slid in the back door, closing it loudly behind me. “Fara! There's graham crackers!” I heard Grace yell from the kitchen. “And Cleo's eating all of them!” “I don't care,” I replied, already on my way up the stairs. “Get Mom.” Grace was silent. I took off my shoes at the top of the stairs and skated in my socks past three bedrooms: Mom's, Cleo's and Grace's. At the end of the hall was my room. I opened the door and stepped inside, picking my way over piles of laundry, stuffed animals, and school books. Mom was always begging me to clean my room, but in a way I liked it. I pushed aside another pile of animals and sat down on my bed, almost sitting on my cat, Turquoise. I scratched her ears, thinking about my unfinished biology notes and Raina's strange behavior. Then I heard a knock on my door.

The Element Guardians [Update 1, Prolouge]

Prolouge: Raina Davis She woke in a hard, wooden seat. She had no idea where she was. Oddly, that wasn't the first question to come into her mind. “Who am I?” She wondered. A small voice in the back of her head answered. You are Raina Davis. “I'm not,” She argued. “I'm not Raina.” She had no idea who she was, just that she was not Raina Davis.

Doll Photo Shoot

Today was the first dry day all week, so I decided to take Rileigh, Kylie, Kaya and Disney out for some photos. I tested a new hairstyle for Kaya as well. Her hair looks great in a ponytail as well as the traditional braids.

Kaya started out with some tree climbing. Fitting for such a beautiful day.

However, I think she made Rileigh a little bit nervous. But then, Kaya was always the adventurous one, whereas Rileigh prefers to keep her feet where they won't slip.

Kylie was pretty fast to join her twin in the tree. She still hung upside down even though she was wearing a dress.
Rileigh eventually gave up trying to catch her sisters if they fell and sat down with Disney.
The twins wanted me to get their picture in the tree together. Kaya wrote something on the bottom of her foot again.

From a different angle. I like this one better.

Eventually everyone decided they were just tired and couldn't climb anymore. The moss was so soft.

Which is your favorite picture? Mine is th…


Hello, random internet people. This is Evy bringing you her very first post!
There will be some random contributers on this blog. Some of them include dragons, more book characters, cats, and possibly other pets of mine that hijack my computer. Just don't even bother to ask about that one. Mint (my cat) has notoriously taken over my Mincraft account before. (Long story)

All listed below as characters are from my writings.
Intentional contributers will have their own signatures. I will be listing them out below:
Evy (that's me): Fairy/shadow; character from The Final PrincessAli: My sister; character from An Abandoned Warrior Joe: Weirdo contributer; shouldn't be on muchGemstone: My pet dragon; Last Dragon Chronicles OCMeredith: Teen girl; character from Caught OutsideMint: My cat; computer hackerAmber: Mint's sister; hopefully not a hacker (we'll find out) So there you have the cast of this blog. Exciting, right? We'll see.
I will make sure to post about, um, on…