February 18, 2018

Discount Chocolate Day (Watermelon part 4)

•February 15th•
Dria woke up with lines from Laura’s sweater pressed into her cheek. Laura was still asleep, slumped against the arm of the couch. Dria rubbed her eyes. The movie they had been watching had finished, and now the little screensaver was bouncing around on the TV screen. Dria pushed her half of the blanket onto Laura’s lap and went to turn it off. She stepped through the kitchen doorway to check the time. The clock read 2:44 AM.
    She went into her bedroom to get another blanket and a pillow, then settled herself back on the couch.
    Laura woke her up about five hours later. Dria looked at her and sat up sleepily. Laura’s blond hair was crumpled and stuck up a little in the back, and there were black smudges around her eyes from yesterday’s makeup. Dria supposed she didn’t look much better. She ran her fingers through her bangs.
    “It’s discount chocolate day,” Laura announced.
    “We got chocolate yesterday,” Dria said. She stood up and let her blanket fall into a pile on the floor. She started towards the bathroom to brush her hair.
    “But it’s cheaper today,” Laura countered, following her. Dria turned on the faucet and splashed water on her face.
    “You can’t tell me you don’t want chocolate.”
    Dria shut off the water and wiped her eyes. “You have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know,” she said.
    “So?” Laura said. “Let’s go to Walgreens. We haven’t done anything cute and romantic yet.”
Dria dried her face with a hand towel. “Why not,” she said. “But is going to Walgreens really romantic?”
    Laura nudged Dria out of the bathroom and into her bedroom to get dressed.
    She put on jeans and a sweater, and detangled the clasp of her watermelon necklace from her hair. Grabbing her hairbrush and a jacket, Dria walked back to the bathroom to brush her hair. She considered makeup for a moment, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort.
    Laura’s hair was still frizzy, but she had done her makeup. She was wearing a long-sleeved coral tee-shirt and a gray skirt that stopped just before her knees.
    “We should walk,” she said cheerily. “It’s not that far.” Dria shrugged and picked up her purse from the table. She handed Laura a banana.

    “I can’t believe you’re wearing a skirt,” Dria commented, pulling her jacket tighter around herself. “It’s 38 degrees out here.”
    “I don’t mind it,” Laura said. She stepped over a crack in the sidewalk. “Anyway, I’m walking.”
    “You’re from California,” Dria said disbelievingly. “I don’t get it.”
    Laura shrugged. “I’m not cold. What else is there to it?” Dria put an arm around her, just in case. She laid her head on Laura’s shoulder. She didn’t feel cold.
    Dria held Laura’s hand when they walked into Walgreens. She tried to stop and look at the nail polish bottles, but Laura tugged her towards the Valentine aisle. Predictably, the shelves were filled with candy and trinkets. A sign on one shelf read, “All Valentine items 40% off.”
    “What kind do you want?” Laura asked, looking at the candy.
    “I don’t want any,” Dria said. “I already have some.”
“If you’re sure,” Laura said. Dria let go of her hand and turned around to investigate the rest of the shelves.
    A flash of pink fur caught her eye, and she looked up. On the top shelf was a giant pink bear with a heart stitched onto its chest. Dria’s eyes went wide with excitement, and a mischievous smile crept onto her face. As soon as Laura turned her back to pick out the chocolates, Dria stood on tiptoe and nudged the bear off the shelf. It fell onto her head, and she had to step back to catch it.
    Laura turned around, holding two heart-shaped boxes and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses.
    “What is that?” she asked, inspecting the bear.
    “His name is Nathan,” Dria said. “He’s my new best friend.” Laura made a concerned face.
    Dria smiled. “I’m joking.”
    “Put him back,” Laura said. Dria glared at her.
    “No?” She set Nathan on the floor and put her hands on her hips. “If you can have your chocolate, I can have a giant bear.”
    Laura rolled her eyes. “I need to remember not to leave you unattended in the stuffed animal section.”
    “But he’s soft!” Dria protested. She grabbed Laura’s hand and placed it on Nathan’s head. “Here, feel him.” Laura stroked the bear’s ear and her face lit up.
    “Nevermind,” she said. “I want one too.” Dria grinned.
    “I told you.” Laura picked out a smaller bear, and Dria hauled Nathan over to the checkout counter.
When they got home, Dria brought the Nathan over to the line of giant stuffed animals at the foot of her bed. She carefully placed him between the cat she had gotten last Halloween and the unicorn Grace had given her for her birthday.
Laura sat down on the bed. “You have a stuffed animal addiction.”
“It could be worse,” Dria replied. “I could be addicted to buying batteries or something.”
Laura laughed out loud. “Batteries?”
“They’re kind of expensive.”
Laura threw a Hershey’s Kiss at her. “Whatever you say.”
Dria stood up and sat down next to Laura. “We have matching stuffed animals now,” she said. “Is that cute and romantic?”
Laura nodded. “I think so.”
“You are too,” Dria added. Laura snorted.
“What?” Dria said. “I’m just trying to be cheesy here.”
Laura smiled. “This is why I love you.”

One of these days I'll have a post up on time.
I hope you enjoyed! What do you want to see next from Dria and Laura?
Until later,

February 4, 2018

Evan Interviews: Delbert

Evan here! Today I will be interviewing Delbert from Travels With Delbert! He was a wonderful interviewee for my first published interview.
Let's get to know Delbert!

So Delbert: what are your hobbies?

I really like to travel. I blog about my travels at travelswithdelbert.blogspot.com, and blogging is another one of my hobbies. I like inspire people, and I know that I inspire so many people every day to get out into the world and explore.

It sounds like you have a large audience. What sorts of things do people say about your adventures?

They say that they are really cool. I did a post about my autobiography, and people said that it was so neat and they loved it. I'm very glad that I inspire so many people just by telling about the average things that I do.

How old were you when you started traveling?

I have traveled my whole life. Whenever I was just a young duck, I went everywhere with Allie, my companion. Originally, I did simple trips like going to see Allie's grandparents, but then she started taking me on bigger trips, like our trip to see a waterfall.

You must have a lot of experience! What is your favorite place you have traveled?

That's a tough one. I went to Colorado a long time ago. It was really neat because even though it was the middle of summer, there were still some piles of snow. The snow was piled by a snowblower, but it still amazed me that it was cold enough for it to stay.

Why did you decide to start blogging about your travels?

I really enjoy traveling, so Allie's sister suggested one day that I should start a travel blog. She said I would be inspiring to many people.

It seems that you care a lot about inspiring others. What inspires you?

The beauty of nature really inspires me. It amazes me that there is so much in the world that is so intricate and so beautiful.

I always feel inspired in nature. Have you ever been to another country?

Sadly, I haven't. I would really like to go to Scotland, though.

Ooh, Scotland. Such a beautiful place. What is your preferred method of transport?

Usually, I just take the car. Occasionally I have ridden the bus, and once I took a plane to Colorado. The plane was really neat, but if I rode a lot it would become average and not so cool. I do enjoy the bus; it is very comfortable. There is plenty of room in the luggage bins.

If you travel so much, do you have a day job?

I am an insurance agent. I work with my friend Steve. We have our own insurance company called the Insurance Guys. I really enjoy being an insurance agent. I help people all over the world to get insurance coverage and find the plan that is right for them. I like helping people and getting them the things that they need.

That is wonderful! These are all the questions I have. It has been really nice interviewing you.

Thank you. I've really enjoyed being here and I hope your readers will go check out my blog.

I will link his blog again here: travelswithdelbert.blogspot.com
I hope you enjoyed reading my interview! Please leave me a comment if you would like to see another one. I have a few subjects in mind.
See you next time!

January 21, 2018


So there's been a lot of music stuff happening this week!
Firstly the anticipation of Fall Out Boy's new album, Mania, which was released on Friday.

Caution: I'm heading for extreme fangirl mode. Get your safety goggles. 

I think my favorite song is still Wilson (Expensive Mistakes). But some close seconds are Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea (...), Bishop's Knife Trick, Church, Sunshine Riptide, Hold Me Tight Or Don't, Heaven's Gate, The Last of the Real Ones,

Who am I kidding, I'm just listing the rest of the album.

The music from Church is just amazing. It's like... Church music. Kinda.
It has choir-ish backing vocals and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
My favorite lyric is "Time capsule for the future, trust me, that's what I will be"

Heaven's Gate is so calming and Patrick's voice is beautiful. Some people have said they want it to be their first dance at their wedding. I haven't thought that far ahead in my life, but it's an amazing song. The lyrics are clearly about love and they're so sweet.
"If there were any more left of me, I'd give it to you"
"I got dreams of my own, but I want to make yours come true"

The beginning of Sunshine Riptide has a reversed lyric that is easily my favorite part of the song. By which I mean they recorded the lyric and then reversed it.
Just go listen, you'll know what I mean.

Hold Me Tight or Don't is probably my favorite video.
It's day of the dead themed, and everything is so pretty and I love it!
I'm just gonna link it because you deserve to see this piece of art.

The Wilson video was hilarious.
It's like an infomercial trying to sell you various fandom jokes and/or the band members.
I'm not linking this one because it's less family friendly, but google it if you want.
If you do watch the video: Call the phone number. You won't regret it, I promise.

The Church video is pretty cool too, but some people might be offended by the lyrics? I think I'll leave it out, but please look this one up.
Along with the new album, Fall Out Boy also released new tour dates! But they aren't coming back to Georgia. *cries*
The closest they are to me is about four hours away.
I knew I was going to regret not going to see them last November. And what did I do? Not go see them. Great job, Evy. I applaud your judgment.

Secondly, MCR has released outtakes from all of their music videos. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!
This is especially significant because MCR broke up in 2013. Fans are theorizing a reunion, but I think it's just Warner Bros doing things again.

The Black Parade one isn't anything new to watch, but the fandom can make new GIFs for the first time in 5 years.

Na Na Na was basically Gerard singing while driving the Trans Am, which was awesome. Then a scene of Frank trying to take off his zombie mask and having it fall back over his face. But also could this man get any more handsome? He's too gorgeous. I can't handle it.
Then there was a scene at the end of Mikey eating dog food while everyone laughed at him, WITH THE SOUND TURNED ON OMG.
"It's gross." - Mikey Way

Sing really got me. It starts with Party Poison (a good guy, played by Gerard Way, the lead singer of MCR) staring Korse (a bad guy, played by Grant Morrison, who I think writes comics) in the face. There were a few seconds of that, until Korse put his hand on Party's chest and shoved him backward. Then I realized it was that scene. The one where Korse shoves Party against the wall and puts a gun to his chin. And shoots him.
The difference here was that, after pretending to be dead for a few seconds, Party picked up his gun and walked away. If only he did that in the music video.

I'm scared to watch The Ghost of You. It's probably going to have Mikey dying for half of it.

Planetary (Go) was amazing. The official video was a concert video, so they filmed the crowd and stuff. There was a take where all you can hear is the crowd singing, and I love that so much.
It makes me want to see MCR live. But that is an unrealistic dream, so I watch concert videos instead.


Someone needs to make a split audio of the crowd singing and the recorded version.
Were it not 9:00 PM, I would be blasting this song through the entire house while I write. Alas, Mr. Turtle is asleep.

I'm gonna wrap this up before I start yelling about Danger Days or sobbing about wanting to go to an MCR concert.

If you haven't listened to Hold Me Tight Or Don't, scroll back up and watch it. *stares at you intensely* 
Go do it.

Until later,

January 14, 2018

Farm Photos with Evan

I got some pictures of Evan while I was at my grandparents' house for Christmas. I love taking pictures at their house because they have way better backgrounds than my house does.
Shoutout to my cousin Mason for driving me around while I took these.

Who needs to walk when you have a golf cart?
Her glasses are falling off. Oops.

This one was Mason's idea. You can see my fingers a little, but it's cute.

These were very hard to take because I was using one of my hands to balance her on the fence and the other to hold my phone.


I was going to rotate this one, but I decided I like it this way.

I think this is my favorite photo from this shoot.

The rock says "2007" because that's when my grandparents' house was built.

Taking a break.

Last photo, starring Mason's feet.
While you're here, I should mention my doll Instagram. It's @pointeshoesdolls. I've had it for a few months now. You should go follow me!
Most of these pictures will be posted on there as well.
I mentioned at the bottom of my last post that I wanted to do a Q&A soon. Would you kindly comment questions? Thank you.
Until later,

January 5, 2018

Where Do We Go From Here? / 2018

Title intentionally taken from Rocks by Imagine Dragons

Someday I will be good at banners. That day is not today.
Happy new year!!
I don't know about you, but to me it seems like barely any time has passed since last January. However, the change in year indicates that a lot of time has passed. An entire year, in fact.

I only had two goals for 2017. Did I complete them?


I read 14 out of 75 books.
I wrote almost nothing on Caught Outside.

In other words, I completely failed at my 2017 goals. But this year, I can learn from them.

This year, I want to...

  • Post more writing
  • Learn to drive
  • Make a real-life friend
  • Get into another band or music artist
  • Not buy another American Girl doll
  • Make 50 blog posts
  • Read 24 books

My to-read list for 2018

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Eragon by Christopher Paolini
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Shadowland by Meg Cabot
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa 
Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This isn't anywhere near 24 books long. I hope to add more books as the year goes on.

What did I actually do in 2017? My goals might have been a failure, but the year wasn't.

In 2017, I

  • Discovered MCR (and almost every other band I like) 
  • Started keeping a journal
  • Tried public school (but didn't like it)
  • Made 4 internet friends
  • Celebrated my 2nd blogiversary
  • Read 14 books
  • Wrote Nameless
  • Got Instagram
  • Turned 15
  • Bought a doll (Evan Claire!)
  • Wrote 47 blog posts 
  • Filled 2.5 journals
  • Got my learner's permit

And I realized a lot about myself too. This year helped me realize who I am and who I want to become.

My favorite books I read this year were Paper Towns by John Green and Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens' Agenda by by Becky Albertalli.

In a way, these are my favorite songs of the year.

Some other favorites:
Joyriding (frank iero and the patience)
Castle (halsey)
Save Rock and Roll (fall out boy)
Get Busy Living (fall out boy)
Choke (i don't know how but they found me)
Fake Your Death (my chemical romance)
Coffees For Closers (fall out boy)
Famous Last Words (mcr)
Thriller (fall out boy)
Fake Happy (paramore)
Gasoline (halsey)

So that was my 2017 summed up in a post! Do you have any goals for 2018?
Until later,

P.S. Posted a little off-schedule because after a week it becomes a little irrelevant, you know?
P.P.S. I want to do a Q&A soon. Please comment questions!