March 20, 2017

Nameless Part Three: Waking Up Alone

So I check my phone, see notifications from the Skype group chat with Ali, Striker, and Scarlet, check it, and THEY ARE LITERALLY DISCUSSING THE MEANING OF LIFE. My friends/sister confuse me. Not that it really matters because I'm sure I do the same thing.
Anyway. Nameless Part Three. On it.
[Part one] [Part two]

Waking Up Alone: (the Boy's perspective)

He opened his eyes and sat up, the cold air hitting him like a slap across the face. His eyelashes were soaked with tears, as were his cheeks. He could feel the tears drying around his eyes. The warmth where his sister usually slept was missing, her side of the bed was cold. He could feel tears prick back up. Even though the nightmare was gone, the image of the monster was burned into his vision, haunting him as though it was waiting in the dark, just beyond his reach. He didn't like waking up alone. He shuddered in the cold, calling on the only time he could remember his sister ever smiling. In his head she was grinning, her cheeks and hands scratched from the blackberry thorns. She was laughing, laughing because he had tasted a red one, scowled, and promptly spat it out.
He clutched the blanket in his fist as the image faded, trying to hold on to it as long as he could. Tears trickled further down his cheeks, leaving wet streaks in their wake. His breath caught in his throat, coming out as a sob instead. He was scared. He was alone.
But then she was there, wrapping her arms around him, picking him up and holding him close, whispering to him that she was here now, he was alright. He could feel her heartbeat underneath his cheek, and the steady pulse calmed him.
She set him on his feet, then sat down on the floor. He crawled into her lap, wrapping his arms around her neck again and laying his head on her shoulder. She ran her fingers through his hair, still talking quietly.
“It was just a dream,” she whispered, “you're alright, you're safe.”
“But you were gone.”
“But now I'm here, and you're here, and we're both safe.” Her warm breath brushed his ear, tickling him.
“Are we?” he asked, almost fearfully. His sister just hugged him closer, and he closed his eyes, letting her long hair sweep over his face like a veil.
“Yes,” she said determinedly. “We're safe here.”


I really liked writing this part, so what do you think? And I added dialogue. It was impossible to avoid, but I like the way it sounds. 
I think I'm going to make some art for this at some point, but I'm out of ideas. If you have suggestions PLEASE tell me. 
Bye for now!

March 16, 2017

Best Friend Blogger Q&A tag

Aaaahhh I'm so excited to be doing this!! I've never had anyone else really talk with me on this blog, so this is new, and yes, exciting.
So the rules are pretty simple, just tag 2 people and tell them to do it with their best friend, on or off blogger!
I was tagged by Shuffle from ShuggleCatBlogs . Shoutout to her and Daisy for creating this tag!
I am doing this tag with my friend Scarlet. (I've mentioned him before, he is the same person as Silver in the sleepover post) We were answering these in a Skype chat, so it's not just answers, it's also us talking a little. (And also I had to backspace over so many timestamps. Editing is not fun.)
On with the questions. [edit: I'm sorry that the font is being so weird, the HTML got messed up and I can't seem to fix it]
1. When did you two meet?
Scarlet: At church when I put a puff ball in your hair. xD
Evy: Lol yeah, I remember it really well.
Scarlet: It's been so long..... *insert nostalgia here*
Evy: It really has been though! Like, seven years.
Scarlet: yeah...
Scarlet: I suddenly feel like a teenager all of a sudden....
Evy: Well you are one.
Scarlet: Yeah but still. It's just strange.

2. What is one personality trait that the other has that you like?
Scarlet: I would say for the second question, we're both smart, and really quirky birds. Like, seriously weird, but no matter what goes though our relationship it always holds up. Try and true.
Evy: I like that about you too, and also you listen.
Evy: Very simple, but I fell like I can actually tell you stuff
Scarlet: Yeah, me too.

3. What fictional friendship is like yours?
Evy: Question three... Ummm... I can't think of one right now.
Scarlet: hmmmm....
Scarlet: Like harry and Hermione.
Evy: Oh yeah!
Evy: That one seems so obvious now
4. What are your MBTI personalities?
Scarlet: uh- uhm.... whats MBTI?
Evy: Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Scarlet: ah. One sec, I need to take it again.
Evy: I'm an INFP
Scarlet: I'm taking the test, lol
[Scarlet sends me this picture]
Evy: We're the same! wow
Evy: Also, plug in your phone 
5. What are the fandoms that you got each other into?
Evy: I think none?
Scarlet: I feel like it would be Homestuck for me (getting you to look at it) and then you got my into that family thing with "The Girl"
Evy: Yeah, Danger Days. I feel like I've just kinda been throwing it at you and you're just watching, but sure.

6. What is the funniest thing you have said to each other?
Scarlet: This next one is like, impossible.
Scarlet: Since, like, everything is so random
Evy: We say so much random stuff we can't even remember it. I thought I had a list somewhere, but oh well. 
7. What is a quote that you think describes the other best?
Scarlet: For the quote
Evy: I'm bad at both quotes and describing people
me to

Scarlet: Yeah, me too.  
[We skipped this one]  
8. Biggest disagreement?
Scarlet: what would this be...?

Evy: Yeah probably. [←As I edit this, I am adding so much punctuation to Scarlet's stuff. This is very true.]

8.5. Biggest agreement? 
Scarlet: Seasons. I guess?

Scarlet: Character creation! that's it!
Evy: Definitely. What do you mean by seasons though?
Scarlet: Liking the same seasons
Evy: Like spring and fall?
Scarlet: yeah

9. What ship from a fandom (an actual space ship) would you take? 
Evy: The Tardis
Scarlet: hell yeah
Evy: You can literally go anywhere
Evy: It would be amazing
Scarlet: yeah!

10. Favorite couple ship?
Scarlet: and now couple ships...
Scarlet: This is a hard one.
Evy: Probably SunLight for me (Sunset Shimmer X Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony)
Scarlet: MMM this is a really hard one.
Evy: Speaking of SunLight... *Momentarily disappears to check FimFiction*
Evy: *returns from FimFiction excitedly* IT UPDATED!!! I have more Spectacular Seven to read later!!
Scarlet: Cherry x Kakiro, or Scarlet x Jinx.
[Scarlet made the ones on the left (names/character) and then his friend role played as the ones on the right.]

11. Favorite video games?
Evy: Uhhh minecraft
Evy: Because that's the only one I play so therefore my favorite?
Scarlet: Overwatch. or Starbound.

12. What are you about to go do/watch?

Scarlet: Well. I'm watching Night In The Woods on Youtube, and talking to you.
Evy: I'm going to go read the new Spectacular Seven chapter and write this into a post

Scarlet: That's it, then. That was super fun!
Evy: It was! Thanks for doing this!
Scarlet: If yah don't mind... link my Youtube channel? #shamelessselfpromotion
Evy: Sure. His Youtube channel is HERE, he posts gaming videos.

Yay! This took me forever to edit, but thankfully it's done now. Phew.
As for tagging people... I don't know anyone to tag, I'm sorry. All the bloggers I talk to were tagged by Shuffle already. Anika, I'm tagging you again, so now you have to do it.
I have two (?) other posts in progress, and part three of Nameless is finished, I just need to look over it again. Thank you again to Shuffle for tagging me, this was really fun. Until later,

March 4, 2017

Nameless: Part two

So, you remember THIS piece that I posted about a month ago? The one with no names and mostly description? Yeah, that one.
Well, it's a series now. I'm calling it Nameless. 
Nameless will center around three characters, known as She, The Girl, and The Boy. Not usually capitalized, but you get the idea. It won't be too long, probably ten parts or less. Part one is written from The Girl's perspective. This part is written from She's perspective.
(They will have names at the end. But not until the end.)
Nameless Part Two: She

The bare wood floor creaked under her feet. The old house was drafty and dark. A heavy layer of dust had settled over almost everything. The house worried her, and it was just as cold as outside, but she was glad she had brought them here. She could be safe here, isolated, the way she wanted to be. Isolated and alone, even from the two children in the other room. She sat down on the floor and closed her eyes, letting the sound of her own breathing lure her into a dreamlike trance. But she didn't sleep. She hadn't slept in days. At this point, it was just the coffee keeping her awake.
She heard a muffled sob from the other room. Her eyes snapped open, and she pulled herself silently to her feet. She crept to the doorway, peering in at the scene. The older girl held the younger boy in her lap. The girl stroked his hair, pulling his head into her chest. The boy was crying quietly.
She pulled herself back from the doorway, leaning back against the wall and staring at her bare feet. She had no shoes, only dirt and chipped nails. Nightmare. Her heart ached to comfort the little boy, but she couldn't know what to say.
A hand on her arm surprised her. She looked down to see the little boy staring up at her, traces of tears still left at the corners of his eyes. She stared back, her face empty and expressionless. Only silence passed between them. One moment passed. Another. The boy turned away and slipped back through the doorway. She could hear him whispering to the girl, but she couldn't make out the words. A moment later, she walked away, her bare feet leaving blurred marks on the floor.

So that was part two! I loved writing this. It feels very different from part one, almost a little creepy.  What do you think? Should I continue?

February 22, 2017

Sprinkling Thoughts on the Page

I'm sitting on my bed, listening to Green Day and I think I just ate like half a box of cheese its and I don't care.
I found some pristine watercolors that my friend gave me for my 10th birthday and I never used because I didn't want to mess them up, but today I got them out and I painted two roses. They're really pretty and I like them. I have red and purple right now and I plan to paint more.
I want to listen to my music where I have enough space to really dance. I want to do the big dramatic stuff but if I tried to do that in my house I would break something.
Do you guys mind when I make posts like these? This is just stuff that I want to tell someone but I feel weird telling them directly because my policy is pretty much "If it doesn't concern them you're just being weird, Evy." I make posts instead, but I don't know if you even read these and if you don't I'll stop posting them.
I have art but I'm not sure how/when I'm going to post it because I have no sketch pictures for it. It's Smoke Sky again, and her glitter-loving friend Berry Glitter. I might post some little writing stuff with it but it's a little fandom specific and I feel weird talking about the Danger Days fandom so... Tell me if you don't mind me rambling about Danger Days because I love it but I really doubt anyone else here has any idea what it is.
I gotta go to bed or I'll fall asleep anyway, and my phone is dying. Later.

February 19, 2017

Introducing the Twins!

I know that you must be asking, "twins? What twins?" Well luckily for you, I am here to answer all of your questions.
The twins are Finnegan and Garrett Monroe, from left to right.
Their names are above their heads, but I doubt you can read them.

Never again will I attempt to draw identical twins. Never again. They don't look alike at all but both of them are well drawn so I don't mind.
I imagine that this was one of those twin photoshoots where they do their hair and dress and pose the same.
Except I also imagine this went down right before they were about to leave:

Finnegan stomped down the stairs, holding the orange shirt out at arm's length like a dirty rag.
“I can't wear this,” she said.
“Why not?” Mom sighed. “We're about to leave, Finnegan, couldn't you have brought this up earlier?”
“You didn't show me the clothes earlier,” Finnie complained. “And have you seen my hair this past year?” she held a lock of it against the sweater. “It's pink, Mom. I can't wear orange.”
Mom groaned. “Fine. But look nice, at least, and keep your hair the same. And it has to match with the orange because Garrett is still wearing her sweater.”
“Sure,” Finnie said. She draped the sweater over the banister and ran back up to her room.
I love little things like this. Finnie and her hair dye.
This is Finnegan Parker Monroe. She likes drawing with wet sidewalk chalk and dyeing her hair. Parts of her hair had been dyed several non-permanant colors that lasted about a month before they faded and were replaced, until last year. Then she decided that she wanted it dip dyed a permanent hot pink, and that lasted about a month, until she decided to dye her whole head the same color.
She wanted purple and berry blue highlights, but Mom put her foot down.
"No, Finnie. One color. Three is too many."
This is Garrett Carson Monroe. She is Finnie's twin sister, fifteen minutes younger, but she doesn't care. Garrett loves poetry and pencil sketches, and favors jewelry over hair dye. She tends to be a little overshadowed by Finnie's over-the-top personality, but she started her art club and has her own friends. Not that Garrett is without quirks. She eats her cereal from a mug and spends a lot of time sitting on the floor. She is not quiet, and just as outgoing as Finnie.

That's it for the art and description, except for one thing:
This is Garrett's half of the sketch, with all the reference lines still in place. I feel like it's something Garret would draw, but as more of a finished product than a halfway finished sketch.
What do you think? Finnie and Garrett are characters from what is probably going to be my next novel, Hot Pink Hair. (Working title- suggestions appreciated.) I have written some short scenes like what you saw above, both in a document and in my notebook. (I have a pretty notebook now. I like it a lot better than those boring college rule ones.)
And I also wrote a synopsis. Finnie sounds like a main character to me, but nooo. It's Garrett.
Finnegan and Garrett Monroe, twins, are both known for their daring streak, but Finnegan more so than her sister. With her hot pink hair, she's hard to miss. Garrett keeps to the shadows a little more, busying herself with her art club and bringing out her daring only when she needs it. Finnegan, however, keeps her daring out all the time, and Garrett and the rest of Art Club love her for it. But when Finnegan's daring goes too far and lands her in a horrible accident, can Garrett keep it together, or will her sister's hot pink hair slip through her fingers as her life falls apart?
That was quite the sentence. Wow. So yeah, I'm thinkin' NaNoWriMo 2017, here I come? It's an exciting prospect.
Caught Outside has gone next to nowhere, but I think maybe sometime I'll keep going... I still have plans to finish it this year, so I better get started.
We made a fire. Burned lots of stuff. Marshmallows included. It was cool. Except when you got too close, then it was hot. You may move along now.
Until later,