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Art Class Drawings

Since I haven't done an art post in forever, here's one now. This semester I took an art class! Here are the various things that I made, with commentary.
(Click the pictures to make them bigger)

This is my sketch from the first day of class. It's not amazing, but I'm pretty happy with it. It's a can of spray glue, or something.

Learning to draw manga faces! This was pretty good for a first attempt. (it got a little smudged.)

Female manga faces freak me out. This is 100% of the reason I don't draw manga. This still has the reference lines on it because I didn't feel like finishing.

This teapot took me a very long time. The lid is a little wonky.

Flowerpot! I took some artistic license and didn't draw the dead plant in it. The front lip could be better, but the back lip really good.

Doodles. Hair and a blueberry.

SO PROUD OF THIS AHHHH. It's Amber! It took me 4 hours and two listens through Revolution Radio by Green Day to finish it. Now it's han…

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